A Limitless Room (2017)

Two-channel composition created for the 2017 LATEX Electroacoustic Music Festival.

The work is designed for live diffusion in a performance hall with speakers surrounding the audience members both directly and indirectly. For the festival, I was interested in creating an electroacoustic work heavily influenced by manufactured organic environments that rely upon live performance from a dedicated audio engineer. In the absence of physical performers in my acousmatic work (or work designed for performance by loudspeakers), I grew concerned of the listening culture behind acousmatic music. With professional-grade audio equipment at affordable consumer prices, quality listening experiences are more accessible than ever. I found it crucial to design a composition that is enhanced by live-performance in a dedicated hall, rather than diminished by it's plug-in and play design.

The work explores manufactured sound environments and began a larger aesthetic goal of using external references within a creative work. This composition includes an excerpt from the song "Siren" by Westley Banks. Wes was a close collaborator of mine who passed away right before I graduated from University of Illinois. In the time following his loss, I further explored his work to cope with the loss, and to remember a great artist. The text is sourced from his SoundCloud page which reads,

 In a small room, every quiet word is loud. In a large room, every short word long.

The work is designed for two-channel audio diffused in a performance space.