transduction studies - in consequential motion (2018)

for Etchings Festival, 2018
flute, clarinet, violin and percussion
recording with Roberta Michel, Carlos Cordeiro, Alexandra Greffin-Klein, Laszlo Hudacsec with Jean-Philippe Wurtz.

transduction studies was written for the Etchings Festival in Auvillar, France. This work is rooted in sound and noise, while focusing on aural and physical gesture among the musicians. It is inspired by the music and sound practices found in traditional Japanese music and theatre, especially in Kabuki theatre. 

Instrumentalists have described the temporal music making experience in traditional Japanese theatre practices as, “riding a wave.” This concept is fascinating to me because it illuminates a dimensional approach to time. Time is graphically restructured to emphasize experiential relationships of the material. 

Following studies in electroacoustic music at the University of Illinois, I have been developing an acoustic language that more or less aligns with compositional practices I’ve explored in the studio. Following several performances of my acousmatic music, or music written for loudspeakers, I missed the visual experiences of music-making. Electroacoustic music affords me precise coordination of sound and time, but it lacks one of the most important aspects in music for me - the people. 

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Format: PDF, for performance with iPad.

Publisher: Bento Press

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