a very detailed account (2018)

For Nunc and Miranda Cuckson.

A.Fl, Cl., Vln., Vcl., Pft., Electronics (2.1)

first complete performance
Megan Torti, flute / Andrew O’Donnell - clarinet / Wesley Ducote - piano / Giancarlo Latta - violin / Jeremy Kreutz - cello

Duncan Recital Hall, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University - 21 October, 2018

the following work is a very detailed account (2018) of actions in time for five musicians with electronics. The composition is a documentation of meaningful aural and gestural memory from my life. I wish not to disclose the personal significance of these sounds, rather hope to generate an evolving relationship between an observer of this work and its performance environment. I am interested in musical practices that necessitate performance and experience in real-time.

This work was developed in collaboration with Nunc, led by Miranda Cuckson. The foundational material for the first movement is derived from physical action. The goal of these actions is to aurally activate the space, establish a perceived unity of time, and build a relationship between the acoustic ensemble and the electronic elements of the composition. The second movement is rooted in a fixed aural loop gradually frozen through different layers of time. Instruments enter the texture in an attempt to stabilize the “soundfield.”

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