a very detailed account (2018)

Megan Torti, alto flute
Andrew O’Donnell, clarinet
Wesley Ducote, piano
Giancarlo Latta, violin
Jeremy Kreutz, cello

Duncan Recital Hall, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
October 21, 2018

11 minutes

the following work is a very detailed account (2018) of actions in time for five musicians with electronics. The composition is a documentation of meaningful aural and gestural memory from my life as it is right now. I wish not to disclose the personal significance of these sounds, rather hope to generate an evolving relationship between an observer of this work and its performance environment. I am interested in musical practices that necessitate performance and experience in person. 

This work was developed in collaboration with Nunc, led by Miranda Cuckson. The foundational material for the first movement is derived from physical action. The goal of these actions is to aurally activate the space, establish a perceived unity of time, and build a relationship between the acoustic ensemble and the electronic elements of the composition. The second movement is rooted in a fixed aural loop passed through different layers of time. Instruments enter the texture in an attempt to stabilize the “soundfield.”

waves (2018)

Sanghoon Kim, sanjo ajaeng

Written for the Korean Music Festival, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, November 11, 2018

6 minutes

waves is built around several expressions of sorrow, such as weeping, sighing, and screaming. The physical gestures are foundational to the work in an effort to illuminate the diverse palate of color this instrument can express. A traditional music performer referred to their performance practice as “following a wave,” noting the floating alignment of musical elements in larger ensemble performances. In aspects of life, waves serve as an analogy for sadness.

transductions studies - in consequential motion

Roberta Michel, flute
Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet
Alexandra Greffin-Klein, violin
Laszlo Hudacsek, percussion

Chapelle Sainte-Catherine du Port
Auvillar, France
July 5, 2018

6 minutes

transduction studies was written for the Etchings Festival in Auvillar, France. This work is rooted in sound and noise, while focusing on aural and physical gesture among the musicians. It is inspired by the music and sound practices found in traditional Japanese music and theatre, especially in Kabuki theatre. 

Instrumentalists have described the temporal music making experience in traditional Japanese theatre practices as, “riding a wave.” This concept is fascinating to me because it accommodates a multiplicity of time and instrumentalists with diverse experiences of it. Time is graphically restructured to emphasize experiential relationships of the material. 

a meditation on turrell (2018)

12.2 integrated audio and lighting
site-specific work for James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Skyspace at Rice University.

14 minutes

Meditation On Turrell Diagram.jpg

speaker layout for James Turrell Skyspace at Rice University.

postludes for violin (2018)

Part 1 - “to.noise”

For violin with live processing.

Giancarlo Latta, violin